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Hemp structure – Walls

Tests aim to explore system behaviours on a different hemp arrangement. Two kinds of “walls” follow the hemp bending.

Sequential operations
  • design and lasercut the plexi structure: plexiglass, diameter 95mm, thickness 2mm (thanks to MakeInBo)
  • build hemp structures: distance between plates 85/50mm
  • put the structure in a glass jar with some ml of water
  • autoclave, 121°C – 20′
  • (bio)plastic #2.1.2 spread on fibers
  • inoculate with POS1 – Pleurotus Ostreatus
  • growth in a dark room at 22.5°C for 18 days

Sample: #3.2.1 _ Simmetric Wall


IMG_20141118_144242 IMG_20141205_152210

IMG_20141118_144308 IMG_20141205_151945b

IMG_20141205_152029 IMG_20141205_152139

IMG_20141205_152129 IMG_20141205_152525


Sample: #3.2.2 _ aSimmetric Wall


IMG_20141118_144349 IMG_20141205_153547

IMG_20141118_144521 IMG_20141205_153050


IMG_20141205_153151 IMG_20141205_153141