Achim Menges 01

“Natural morphogenesis, the process of growth and evolutionary development, generates systems that derive complex articulation, specific gestalt and performative capacity through the interaction of system-intrinsic material characteristics, as well as external stiumli of enviromental forces and influences. Thus, formation and materialisation are always inherently and inseparably related in natural morphogenesis.”

– Achim Menges

Theo Spyropoulos 01

“The architecture itself is not designed to a site in a conventional sense but we have to try at least […] to think about certain fitness criteria that will allow the system to develop possibilities, different sites and configurations.”

– Theo Spyropoulos

Phil Ross 01

“By providing enviroments to live within, we can appriciate the details of a framed existence. Our attention is drawn not only to isolated living element, but also to the greater organization from which it has been removed. The small parts, once enclosed and removed from their native residence, are where we truly focus our gaze, their isolation serving as a lens through which to imagine an entire living world.”

– Philip Ross

Janine Benyus 01

“Nature runs on sunlight. Nature uses only energy it needs. Nature fits form to function. Nature recycles everything. Nature rewards cooperation. Nature banks on diversity. Nature demands local expertice. Nature curbs excesses from within. Nature taps the power of limits.”

– Janine Benyus