Hemp structure – benchmark

After latest and satisfying inVitro results (1, 2), some simple structures eneble the possibility to investigate the 3th dimension. These “benchmark” are a kind of analogic computation to understend and finally explore mycelium tectonics, architecturally speaking.

Sequential operations
  • design and lasercut the wood structure: poplar, diameter 60mm, thickness 4mm (thanks to MakeInBo)
  • build hemp structures: distance between plates 10cm
  • 24h in water (this step involved fiber bending and volume reduction)
  • autoclave, 121°C – 20′
  • (bio)plastic #2.1.2 spread on fibers > image
  • inoculate with POS1 – Pleurotus Ostreatus (one infected wheat grain)
  • put the structure in a glass jar with some ml of water to ensure humidity > image
  • growth in a dark room at 22.5°C for 16 days > image

#3.0.1B – “gravity”

sample_#3.0.1B_t0 sample_#3.0.1B_t1-2

sample_#3.0.1B_A sample_#3.0.1B_B

#3.0.2B – “double plate linear”

sample_#3.0.2B_t0 sample_#3.0.2B_t1

sample_#3.0.2B_A sample_#3.0.2B_B

#3.0.3B – “double plate open”

sample_#3.0.3B_t0 sample_#3.0.3B_t1

sample_#3.0.3B_A sample_#3.0.3B_B-2

#3.0.4B – “double plate bend&torsion”

sample_#3.0.4B_t0 sample_#3.0.4B_t1

(bio)plastic benchmark

These tests aim to understand if starch plastic could be a good substrate for micelia. After a lot of experiments, finally I found the plastic that has the right consistency to be spread on fiber.

(bio)plastic recipe: #2.1

85% H20
6% Starch
4% Carboxymethyl cellulose sodium salt
3% Glycerol
2% PDA – potato dextrose agar
0.1% Ammonium Acetate

Micelia used for the test:
POS 1 _ pleurotus ostreatus
GLU 2 _ ganoderma lucidum
GLU 16 _ ganoderma lucidum

Recipe #2.1 after 4 days and 8 days:


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Lo studio di casistiche base, o in qualche modo semplificate, è utile per capire ed analizzare i comportamenti del sistema. Si cerca così di isolarne le proprietà tentando di far emergere differenze di scala e adattabilità.

Simple case studies are usefull to understand and analyze emergent behaviour of systems. These tests are made to enphasize scale and adaptability variance.

Homogeneous substrate | no vector field

La crescita del micelio su di un substrato omogeneo e senza l’influenza di un campo vettoriale.
Mycelium growth on homogeneous substrate without any vector field influence.
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