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university alma mater studiorum – Università di Bologna
course Ingegneria Edile-Architettura
department DA | dipartimento di architettura
thesis advisor Prof. Alessio Erioli | co-de-it
co-advisor Prof.ssa Alessandra Zambonelli (team) | laboratorio di micologia applicata,
DIPSA – dipartimento di scienze agrarie, UNIBO
Maurizio Montalti | Officina Corpuscoli
Philip Ross | MycoWorks
candidate Gianluca Tabellini
/// Update

Mycelium Tectonics has been published and presented at 2015 ACADIA CONFERENCE,
19-24 October, Cincinnati (OHIO), USA

  1. Spellbound. “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” puts it perfectly. I’ve been backyard lab testing different anywhere-available mushroom substrates recently and what I think is Jute is one of them. Burlap type old sacking. First tests are slowly are slowly working with chopped strands, but things got bionic after I ‘nixtamalised’ the Jute, involving boiling the stuff in an acid and then soaking in a base to 6.5ph. This was mixed with a rice flour and vermiculite substrate. The P.Eringii spore injection took up the flour and scaled the 3d jute mesh for a few days then flipped to eating it . It’s been the most successful colonisation so far from this lot so I expect a cake harder than a hockey puck. How did You treat the fibres before inoculation if I may ask?. Viva Italia!! and happy xmas people. x